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Nanotech Devices:

NanoLab Inc. offers a wide variety of nanomaterials, including aligned nanotube arrays, carbon nanotube powders, nanoparticles and nanowires. We are also working to develop products in fields of composites, optical devices and field emission.


Mad City Labs.,Inc. is the leading American manufacturer of nanopositioning systems with sub-nanometer precision at an affordable price.  We have the largest product line of nanopositioning systems available and specialize in custom nanopositioner  applications.

CCD cameras:

High-end CCD cameras for bio-applications, FRET and others.

Imaging Detectors:

Detecting bio-chemical/photon events with a high-spec CCD camera

Imaging Living Cells:

Detecting images of living cell with advanced confocal microscopy


Customizing mochromators for a microscope with a CCD camera

Scientific Instruments & Devices:

Selling a wide variety of instruments and devices including optics dealing with professional sources.

We are not only marketing products but creating new products in collaboration with your precious cooperation in any fields like the above. Any contact will be expected for next business in the near future. We like to see you anywhere to grow business together.
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